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Product Showcase

  • Garden scissors
    Bonsai Pruning Scissors
    Garden Trimming Scissors
    Garden Fruit Pruning Shears
    Floral Scissors & Snips
    Stainless Steel Tailor Scissors
    Tailors Shears

About Us

    Smile Trading Group is one of the main producers and distributors of Household articles in China. We were founded in 2008 and are oriented to the international market. Accurate market research and positioning to ensure the companys profitability and development. Gain greater market share with a steady stream of innovative products We are committed to high-end luxurygoods and offer original products and services for the most demanding customers. Over the years, whether in economic growth or crisis. The main product ikebana kenzan, through the establishment of new branches and representatives in Europe, America and Asia, let Smile Trade Group develop into one of the most powerful capital groups.

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